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Notes on engine installation


Notes on engine installation:

1. Before assembly, all parts, assemblies, lubricating oil circuits, tools, workbenches, etc. should be thoroughly cleaned and dried with compressed air.

2. Before assembly, check all bolts and nuts, and replace those that do not meet the requirements; cylinder gaskets, gaskets, cotter pins, locking plates, locking wires, washers, etc. should be replaced during overhaul.

3. The non-interchangeable parts, such as the piston connecting rod group of each cylinder, the bearing cover, the valve, etc., should be assembled according to the corresponding position and direction, and must not be installed incorrectly.

4. The cooperation of each matching part should meet the technical requirements, such as cylinder piston clearance, bearing bush journal clearance, crankshaft axial clearance, valve clearance, etc.

5. The timing relationship between related components is correct and the work is coordinated, such as gas distribution phase, fuel supply advance angle, ignition timing, etc.

6. Important bolts and nuts on the engine, such as cylinder head nuts, connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, etc., must be tightened in sequence according to the specified torque, and locked if necessary

7. The mating surfaces of each relative movement should be coated with clean lubricating oil during assembly.

8. Ensure the tightness of each sealing part, no oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage

9. Try to use special equipment for assembly, and tighten the bolts according to the specified tightening torque, tightening method and sequence.

10. The assembly clearance must meet the technical conditions, but it should be adjusted appropriately according to the specific situation. For example, the cylinder matching clearance of the piston, if you choose to buy pistons from several manufacturers, you should sum up and adjust the matching cylinder clearance value suitable for the pistons of each manufacturer according to the quality rules of their products. Practice has proved that it is a very meaningful measure to adjust the matching clearance of deformed parts to the lower limit of the tolerance, and to adjust the clearance to the upper limit of the non-deformed parts.

11. The joints  engine and wire posts of the electric control system should be clean and reliable. The "O" rings in the fuel system must be replaced and silicone-containing sealants must not be used.


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