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Characteristics of diesel engines


Characteristics of diesel engines: high power, good economic performance, wide power range, small size and light weight, good maneuverability, high reliability, long life and easy maintenance. It has the disadvantages of fuselage vibration, shafting torsional vibration and noise, harsh working conditions of some parts, high temperature, high pressure and impact load.

Diesel engine, referred to as diesel engine, is an engine that burns diesel to obtain energy release. It was invented by German inventor Rudolf Diesel in 1892. To commemorate the inventor, diesel is represented by his surname, and diesel engines are also called Diesel engines.

The working process of diesel engines has many similarities with gasoline engines. Each working cycle goes through the four strokes of intake, compression, power and exhaust. However, since the fuel used in diesel engines is diesel, its viscosity is higher than that of gasoline and it is not easy to evaporate. Its self-ignition temperature is lower than that of gasoline. Therefore, the formation and ignition method of the combustible mixture are different from those of gasoline engines. The main difference is that the mixture in the diesel engine cylinder is compression ignited rather than ignited.


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